A downloadable game for Windows

This is an early prototype of an erotic video game about a man and woman who stumble into a world full of magic.

You can support me on patreon : https://www.patreon.com/witchdev

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsErotic, Fantasy, Porn, witches
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Just unzip it and run the .exe


alchemist-development-hell.zip 1 GB
Version 20 days ago
alchemist-development-hell-character-editor.zip 1 GB
Version Oct 31, 2020
Alchemist-0-2-2.zip 229 MB
Alchemist-Prototype-1-0-5 Goblin sex scene 202 MB

Development log


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it would be perfect and fun to control how girls in the game! 

the game has points from sex scenes yet..... 

but this is getting a great game!

Hi, please, I wanted to be able to control other characters, like Asa etc, that would be perfect and fun

Hello, create a virtual reality VR mod for this game, please

I don't own any VR equipment. I want to look into it at some point but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.


sell me the 3d model of the Asa girl ?????

my email Thiagolima24845223@hotmail.com

my whatsapp +55 11 9 8158 4953

I'm brazilian 

Hello, I'm going to upload the current version of my character models on my Patreon soon (There is currently only an old version of the models available). The models are only for non-commercial private purposes. If you'd like to use the models otherwise you can send me a message on Patreon and we can figure something out.

I'm brazilian

I love this game,
it's one of the best i've ever played in my life

I'm in love with the game, thank you very much

keep updating, please

Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. I'm not updating very fast but the updates will keep coming.

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The game looks really great so far. I just uploaded a 2-part YouTube video preview.  

You can find it here: 

Looking forward to what you do with the game!


I appreciate your video very much. Thank you. I really have to improve on the dialogues (I'm not  a native speaker and writing natural dialogues feels very difficult to me). One small thing, I'm currently developing the game alone (artwork, models, animations and programming) and seeing someone else play the game helps me a ton to realize where I have to improve so again thanks for the video.

Regarding the second part I guess I should add a way to censor the game at some point in the future. Also you can rotate around them during the sex scene by pressing the middle mouse button (the wheel usually), I should show a display message explaining the controlls at the start of a scene. It is somewhere explained in the text that comes up when hitting escape.


Thanks for your reply and, more importantly, thanks a million for all your wonderful work on this game!

I knew going in that it would be impossible to feature the full erotic beauty of the game in a YouTube video, but I still wanted to showcase as much as I could without violating their terms. 

Keep up the great work. If you ever want some assistance on English phrasing, I'm happy to help. Let me know and I'll give you my email address.


the new update is not redy yet?


I realize that I did let it drag on for quite some time, the update is going public next week (already available for patrons) and since everything was starting to take forever I decided to change my development process up. This is why the next update is what I call a "prototype", it's a small self contained scene showing some new content but doesn't touch the old stuff and I will continue putting out such prototypes to introduce new characters, test new features (like core gameplay mechanics, flying, magic, brewing etc.) and then release a larger update to the main game in a few months.

(Also I have to improve on my communication skills, sorry for the late reply.)


what is the date of the new  version?


I hope to get it out within the next two weeks. But no promises, it's done when it's done.


ok thanks for the reply! I wait the new update


hi and what brings the new update?


hi and what brings the new update